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What is your post pandemic Market Re-Entry Strategy?

It is a new beginning.

While many businesses are dusting themselves back into the world of sales, business development and revenue generation, they now need to think very hard to design an effective “Market Re-Entry Strategy”.

Never before were we in this situation and not many books or proven theories are there to guide business in such a situation. While the economic consequences of the pandemic have been severe to say the least, it has simultaneously changed the market perceptions, cognitive behaviour patterns and value sets amongst consumers. As the buying behaviors and need based value sets have now been altered, business across all industries need to find innovative ways to reach their target customers, capture their attention, discover and meet their needs and wants and develop a solution that would instigate a purchase. All of that also has to been designed with the competitive advantages in focus.


What is your post pandemic Market Re-Entry Strategy?


As shareholders and investors are getting more serious about companies with polices surrounding Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), the post pandemic consumer are also thinking on the same lines. Companies need to seriously reconsider their positions within the ESG arena. Similarly, potential clients getting back to their projects with heightened awareness of environmental consequences and business impacts, will also be crawling out of fragmented or broken budgets, new buying criteria’s, different buying behaviors and varied decision making processes.  All of which are going to be new for a company trying to sell a product or service.


Customer outreach tools and contact mediums have also changed as well. Social Media, short and impactful messaging, social acceptance and popular, and strategic references are in while, cold calling, long presentations, and in person meetings are out. Language, precise messages, and communications skills with on-line presentation skills will take precedence. How close to the laptop camera do you really need to be while on a zoom call will be a major point of decision?


Are you and your business development team ready for this new world?


This is a rare opportunity where we can redesign more intelligent systems that address today’s consumers with currently advanced tools and systems that are well aligned with current consumer behavior patterns. It is an opportunity to develop systems and business practices for the next generation of customers based on their buying behaviors, thought process and key buying instigators.


With less than 6% of decision makers picking up sales calls, less than 12 seconds of attention span in this current world of information overload and well informed and researched buyers, a company’s business development and marketing strategy is a critical aspect to growth and sustainability. It is now survival of the smartest and the most innovative.


Weather your strategy is infused with intelligent neuroscience based research, data based buying instigators derived algorithms or need based and value chain practices, it is no longer sales, its induced buying.

It IS A NEW BEGINNING. What is your strategy?


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