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SPIRIT: Sales Professional Influenced Reactionary Intelligence Training

How people buy products and services has changed……..

…….. have you changed how you sell?


If you believe that you need a better and intelligent process to help your sales team meet and exceed your revenue growth expectations, here is something to seriously consider.


When corporations want to increase the sales and enhance the selling skills of their resources they turn to Sales Training companies. In today's market, you will find over 30 different companies offering the best "Research Based" Sales Training that will promise you anywhere between 56% (yes it is that precise as per their claim) to over 500% increase in sales with leading brands using their programs. Yet it’s not a global phenomenon yet.


There are many reputed institutions and individual Sales Gurus who have developed several sales training programs to tap into a $70 billion industry. Many are either experienced based knowledge or research based processes that were published as a book, some of them are best sellers (a quick google search would better affirm the perception of what is qualified as a best seller) and then later developed into a formalized training program packages sold to corporations.


And each one of these books deliver a lot of critical insight into the selling processes and bring about a level of clarity to develop a keen mindset to sell effectively. Each provides a significant argument which has an impact in the sales process and their ideas are derived mostly by research where sales people are observed in the selling process within various industries and the best and most effective processes are derived and then built into a training program. Then these programs are sold as “Class A” cookie cutter where the sales leaders are asked to believe every aspect of it hook line and sinker, accept it, own and follow it without question. It is the only way to justify the highly expensive investment made by the company to buy the training program to generate higher revenues. Results? 56% or 500% growth? Well, at least, it does bring about a streamlined sales process and some method to the madness.  


And that's exactly where the real value ends and the conundrum begins. While one program says their researchers observed the needs focused sales techniques won the most business and hence their Need focused sales training program will generate the best sales results, the other argues that their researchers found the sales person who challenges the buyer to see a bigger picture has a better close ratio and win bigger accounts. So, each has their own perspective based on the research subject set, parameters and time/age variables.


But for selling in today's’ market, the most important aspect is the timeline and age of the research subjects. The most effective sales techniques were developed on research subjects that were observed in mid-1980's and the latest in mid-2000's.


If we were to put it in perspective:


In 2008 about 140 million smartphones were sold.  In 2018 it was estimated to be close to 2 billion


In 2008 Facebook had 100 million users. In 2019 it’s over 2.3 billion


In 2008 people still had to choose between Garmin and TomTom GPS. In 2019 they used an app to hail a cab and watched their vehicle move on their cell phone map. 


In 2019 you are the TV programmer who chooses what to watch using Amazon Prime or Netflix and prefer to cancel the cable because Cable is so 2008.


Last Christmas, over 67% of people did their shopping on-line. Amazon is a major package fulfillment center than an on-line store.


So, since the last selling and buying behavior were observed to develop the best training models and theories, regardless of the fact that they conflict with each other, the world of buyers and sellers have consistently evolved based on technology and information advancements. The “needs” got diminished by an explosion of competition addressing the needs while offering greater “wants and possibilities”. While Apple was pushing the trillion dollar evaluation with a close eye at Samsung, Huawei nabbed a significant share of the market with greater wants.


In every way you see, the selling and buying aspects have changed considerably. It is very likely that while you are presenting your solution the audience are checking reviews of your company and product and already making up their minds. When is the last time you picked up a phone to be sold on a service? When was the last time you were intrigued by a 20 plus sales presentation without having your mind wander away?


So, how do you truly sell today?


Now, your customer is most likely well researched, better informed, aware of your competition, expects more and has more “wants”, and has a very limited attention span and is highly impatient. It is very similar to you walking into a car dealership only after having surfed up on all the options, competition, features, available colors and prices and have no patience for what the sales person has to say.


Cold call? 20 slide presentation? Ask them for time to investigate their needs? or you still continue to operate with the classic numbers game - 10 cold calls, 4 meetings a day will generate the expected 20% close ratio which will generate $X per month? Is it truly working?


Here is a possible solution to consider: “Influenced Reactionary Intelligence”. This is in essence what all AI buying algorithms do. Placing intelligent and carefully positioned messages that induces the desire to buy. It integrates the buying and selling behavioral studies based on neuroscience with intelligent marketing and sales techniques.


For a sales person now, this means: The need to develop and position a different and compelling value proposition that is intelligent enough to induce an intuitive "no brainer" buying behavior.


It is no longer Selling. It is now "Induced Buying"!


Therefore, we welcome you to explore the Hyper Strategies - SPIRIT Program. An intelligent sales technique for today’s buying dynamics that is customized specifically to your company culture, product and industry based on learning from you and observing your sales team and customers. Not a cookie cutter!


Please contact us for an information Brochure of our SPIRIT Program.


Sales Professional Influenced Reactionary Intelligence Training - SPIRIT

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