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Brand, Marketing and BI Strategies


We take a critical approach towards market and operational data and develop deep insights to draw critical learning on behavioral patterns, influences, instigators, and consumer engagements. Our methodologies involves gaining clear and reliable market intelligence to develop precision core strategies for optimal results. Understanding end customer mindsets, buying behaviors, needs and wants, demographic characteristics, economic equations and drawing deep insights helps us design strategies for businesses that are perfectly synergized with their target customer segments. We call this Dynamic Strategy where the business strategy constantly aligns to market behavior.

Brand Strategies:

Successful businesses are increasingly seeking greater levels of consumer engagement and integrated processes to develop inter dependencies and loyalty to their brands. This is becoming popular because it confirms sustainable revenue growth prospects and effectively keeps them ahead of the curve when dealing with competition. Hence, developing and implementing strong and smart brand strategies infused with precise business intelligence tools are vital for businesses to enhance their margins, develop their product portfolios and drive target customers to grow their businesses. We specialize in creating modern and aesthetically appealing Brand designs and strategies that creates high impact and drives strong Brand values.

Marketing Strategies:


Strategy evolution is our focus. We strongly believe that the best marketing strategy is that which is based on direct consumer behaviors based on optimal benefits for each the consumer and the business. Hence we rely extensively on developing a “Dominant Strategy Equilibrium” where the consumer and the business both react to the best case seniors benefiting each other thereby engaging in a perfectly synergized relationship. Thus our marketing strategies result in greater consumer engagement and driving mutually beneficial behaviors.

Sourcing and Procurement (Food and Beverage):

Our team of subject matter experts within the food and beverage industry bring over 40 years of hands on direct experience cumulative experience in sourcing, procurement, operations, supply chain and packaging. Having worked with leading companies such as Nestle, Sidel, Loblaws, Starbucks, 3M, Maple Leaf Foods, UPS etc. our team of consultants leverage a wealth of first hand direct knowledge base of internal and external business processes to develop strong and highly effective strategies for our clients.


We collectively pool our resources and experience in commodities, FMCG manufacturing and Operations, Contract Management, hedging, process optimization, Business Intelligence, Inventory Management, improving credit terms, sales strategies, reducing overhead costs to design efficient systems for our clients that sets them on a path of sustainable growth and progress.

Business Intelligence:

We tap into multiple resources within our network to design business intelligence tools for our clients, and indulge in deep learning processes to develop strong brand and marketing strategies. Our strategies work because we do not rely on data and statistics at face value, we investigate them and decipher core components that truly impacts behavioral patterns. We do not believe in “cookie cutter” solutions. We take great pain and invest a lot of time and effort in understanding key dynamics to develop individualized client solutions that are unique to their environment, company culture, target markets, and business plans.

Retail BI Models:

We specialize in developing Retail BI Solutions. Our Data Management experts integrate all available data capturing sites such as POS system, Inventory management Systems and Accounting Applications to develop an intelligent data warehouse structure with accurate and reliable information. We then model such core data to develop sophisticate Business Intelligence tools that provides real time dynamic information on several business aspects such as, Customer Frequencies, Product movements, High Sales periods, slow moving products, dormant inventories, Revenue distributions, hourly sales etc. Such real time data enables Retailers to efficiently manage staff planning, inventory forecasting, product procurement, customer engagement, direct marketing  and optimize several business activities resulting in optimal financial performance of the business.

Bring your ideas and challenges to us and let us help you develop a strong brand, marketing and promotional strategy that is focused towards driving revenue and growing your business effectively.

Below is our one pager on our Business Intelligence Analytics Solution:

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