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Every business proposition requires an unique approach and understanding. Doing business in todays world is extremely complex and highly competitive. Thus, our belief is that each business aspect deserves an unique and dynamic strategy that is well integrated and aligned with the over all core business values and purpose. Hence, we develop well thought out and highly intelligent Hyper Strategies that is dynamic in nature and highly impactful in delivering results.


We are a team of highly experienced business strategy, marketing, Investment, project management, business growth and global corporate liaison professionals with a collective experience of over 80 years in developing successful strategies, tactical business plans, investment strategies, Critical Business Intelligence Analytical Tools Development, Coaching, Capital Sourcing, Strategic Investments, select Commodities Trading and helping companies develop business in local and international markets.

Our Strategic Investments and Funding interests focuses primarily in investing in future tech and disruptive technologies and drawing from our vast experience and network, we facilitate select key projects and investment strategies for Limited Partners and Investors globally. Our extensive experience in designing customized, innovative, intelligent and effective strategies for corporate business development, global corporate liaison, revenue growth, developing compelling value propositions, business plans, product and investor presentations separates us from your average business consultants who provide expensive and archaic cookie cutter strategies that seldom succeed in the fast chaging work space across all industires.

Whether you are seeking to sell an innovative and disruptive technology, solicit funds, grow your revenue, sell an established product or service to B2B or B2C market or a business seeking investors to take you to the next level, we can develop and implement an effective strategic business plan, compelling value proposition and marketing and sales collateral to help you attain your business objectives. 

Our services and solutions are designed to address one single business objective; Revenue Growth! Working within four specific business components; Strategic Business Development, Global Corpoate Liaison, Strategic Investments and Specialized Trading and Capitalization, we focus on developing brand strategies, compelling business cases and world-class presentations along with specialized global representation to help grow your business and connect your business with our extensive network of potential investors, governments, companies and business growth associates.

Our expertise covers a wide range of industries including, Oil and Gas, Supply Chain, Clean-Tech, Manufacturing, Fintech, Agro-Science, Food Supply, Medical Equipment and Technology, Aerospace, Food Packaging, Corporate Consultancy, Real Estate, Nanotech, Vertical Indoor Farming for Super Foods etc.

Contact us to learn more on how we can help you meet your business objectives and attain exponential revenue growth in this changed new workspace environment of our world. It is time for new, innovative and fresh systems that meet the needs and demands of the new future-tech focused world of business.

Business Model


What is your core business model? Is it well planned, thoroughly vetted, risk mitigated and with realistic and attainable revenue generation strategies? Are you well prepared with the critical aspect of your business to be successful; Capital and Customer Acquisition Strategy?

As the world changes, it has become an absolute need, to evolve, adapt and innovate simultaneously to the rapidly changing and highly sensitive markets and unpredictable outcomes. Regardless of you being an entrepreneur or an established business, consistent revenue generation and growth are the main factors that stands between a successful business or failure. And failures are great lessons. 

What are you doing to stay abreast of the global changes in consumer buying behaviors and value perceptions?


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Our Solutions



We offer a carefully crafted suite of soutions designed to help companies review, analyze, develop and implement the latest and most efficient tactical business and marketing strategies to develop a strong and compelling business model.

Our customs strategies are specially developed from scratch to meet the dynamic environments and complex global network of operating synergies for our clients. We leverage on our extensive networks of contacts and expereinces to deliver strong strategic solutions that enbale our clients to develop and build on secure and intelligent partnerships that foster growth and success.


Business Evaluation and Investment Placement
We help growth focused companies develop a holistic business plan that integrates critical components that drives investor value resulting in a compelling and intelligent proposal. Our detailed analytical process helps startups realize their own strengths and potential and resolve any risks to develop a compelling investment thesis that meets potential investor strategies.
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Brand, Marketing and BI Strategies


Hope is not a strategy! And it is time now for new, intelligent and dynamic strategies to meet our changing economies, consumer behaviors and new opportunities. Plug into our resources and extensive wisdom in designing breakthrough strategies for disruptive technologies, unique product and services and global markets.

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Marketing & Business Intelligence Strategies
Hope is not a strategy! And it is time now for new, intelligent and dynamic strategies to meet our changing economies, consumer behaviors and new opportunities. Plug into our resources and extensive wisdom in designing breakthrough strategies for disruptive technologies, unique product and services and global markets.
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Product and Corporate Presentations


An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance. What is your brand impact strategy? We help companies develop high impact presentations that deliver effective brand messaging to their different target audiences. We specialize in producing world class Sales Presentations, AGM presentations, Investor presentations and Disruptive and complex technology presentations.  

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Corporate Liaison & Fractional Sales Management 
Consider the potential of leveraging on existing top executive level business and government relationships, extensive business development skills, major deal structuring and knowledge base empowered by latest sales techniques and intelligent processes for considerably less cost. Our solutions are designed to break into new markets (Local or Global) or win new major clients.
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Learning and Development


We have brought years of real market experiences and extensive knowledge base together and built highly intelligent and effective programs that work and delivers value that results in success.  Explore our programs and courses that aim to help people and companies succeed in today's challenging economic conditions.

Working Together



SPIRIT – Sales Professional Influenced Behavioral Intelligence Training, is an intelligent business development training program that is designed by integrating researched based successful sales methodologies and today’s social generation buying behavioural science.

It is a sophisticated and proven sales technique development program designing to empower sales professionals with tactical intelligence to device powerful strategies to win business and grow revenue consistently.

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Learn how to be a strategic thinker, develop powerful and compelling business plans and strategies and how to present your business proposal to key decision makers, potential lenders and investors. Develop key skills to evaluate business ideas and desing effective strategies that will impress your peers and leaderships alike.


Business Planning, Strategy and Investor Solicitation Program is a powerful 6 module, 3 week intensive course for budding entrepreneurs, people responsible for strategy planning within organizations and those ready to seek capital funding for thier business.    


Our clients and global network have allowed us to expand our interests in strategic projects and developments that are aligned with our business philosophy of building a better and intelligent tomorrow for the brilliant and responsible future.

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