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Global Business Development and Revenue Growth 


We are now facing a new world of buyers and sales process. Video meetings, contact less sales, constrained customer interactions and highly limited attention span are the norms we are facing within a sales environment. So, how do you develop realistic and attainable sales strategies, growth and revenue targets? What is your new sales activity planning like? What are your new CRM parameters? And will they work?


​Have you considered outsourcing a part of your sales or your full sales operations?


Whether you are entering new territories or an existing business with a need to win and grow strategic new revenue accounts, our team of experienced resources, each with a minimum of 15 years of blue chip corporate experience, will customize and manage a sales operation by selling on your behalf to strategic major accounts by leveraging on our existing relationships and trusted advisor status.


We also provide a strategic sales management program where our team member will manage your existing sales team on a new and efficient sales strategy with training and co-selling programs.


​With each of our team members bringing extensive business development experience, a successful track record in winning awards for exceeding sales objectives and a cumulative list of contacts and relationships in local and international markets, we help companies win key major accounts that would have a significant impact on their revenue growth expectations and objectives. We leverage our extensive global contacts to help companies expand into new international markets and work with global major corporations as partners and project contractors within various industries.

​We make this process easy and efficient to our clients. This services is based on a no risk, fully transparent model with no severance packages, benefit packages, operating expense or transportation changes. Our clients are billed a retainer fee plus a mutually agreed commission on sales convenient business model.

It is an easy, simplified and cost efficient solution with highly experienced professionals working for you.

Please contact us to learn more.

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